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Gunwhale Ales Free Beer Tasting & Live Music with Phygg

Jul 2018

Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa is bringing their delicious brews to Long Beach with a free beer tasting and live music event with the band Phygg.

The farmhouse brewery and blendery is inspired by the West Coast and uses the terrain to inspire their beers. Gunwhale Ales pushes hops, yeast, and unexpected malt bills toward new territory. They describe their beers as being, “delicate and robust with layered flavors, slightly unpredictable yeast strains, wild bacteria, and hybrid styles that evoke a native, adventurous spirit.”

Come get “loaded to the gunwhales,” the old slang that meant overflowing and having tipped back a few too many fermented beverages.

Call for reservations: 562.439.8822