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Long Beach Restaurant

Featured in the Grunion Gazette

DINING PROFILE: Instagram-Worthy Food, Dog-Friendly Patio Define Long Beach Restaurant
By Kurt A. Eichsteadt

Customers at Restauration restaurant are ordering with their smart phones. In the restaurant.

“It just started in the last six months,” owner Dana Richardson said. “They’re getting pictures from social media and showing it to staff, saying, ‘I want that.’ The only drawback is because we’re constantly altering our menu to reflect seasonal ingredients, the picture might be of something we’ve taken off the menu.”

Also new is the covering over one of the nicest patios in the city. It’s still open air and there’s no longer that direct sun to deal with.

It’s a dog friendly patio with benches along two of the walls, a wood burning oven and numerous planters where fresh produce are grown and harvested to use in the food.

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Featured in Westways

Restauration in Westways

By Colleen Dunn Bates | Photos by Vanessa Stump

Published May 2016

Philip Pretty is one of the best chefs you never heard of in L.A., quietly cooking exceptional food at Fundamental in Westwood. A Long Beach native, Pretty jumped at the chance to work near home when he got an offer to partner with Dana and Rob Robertson, owners of Retro Row’s Restauration. And Long Beach’s culinary scene is very much the better for it.

Pretty is committed to sustainability, growing some of his produce in the wall garden lining the patio dining area, procuring as many organic, local ingredients as possible, and creating lots of beautiful plant-based dishes, from the cauliflower steak to the excellent Farmlot 59 salad. His lack of pretension is particularly refreshing. Sure, he can fancy it up, as he does with the lovely and superbly flavorful composition of asparagus, leeks, Burrata, hard-boiled egg, walnut pesto, and a sherry-bacon dressing. But he’s equally committed to doing a good job with the simple pleasures: a burger (beef or falafel), a pizza (meatball or rapini), a market-vegetable omelet for brunch. He doesn’t always nail it—I was very disappointed in a bland gnocchi with mushrooms and Parmesan one night—but most of his menu is terrific, the sort of cooking that had me wishing I lived within walking distance.

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